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6 Reasons To Book a Food Truck For Your Grad Party


Graduation Parties are a big deal. Both you and your teen have put in 12 years of hard work and deserve a big celebration! Whether they will be going away for school or staying home to pursue other avenues, a grad party may be your child's last big bash until their wedding. This party has got to be remarkable, which is why you should explore all the fun enhancements you can add to the party while still sticking to your budget. This article will discuss some benefits a food truck can bring to your party!

Why do you need a food truck to cater your graduation party? 

Because the right food truck:
1. Offers great variety
2. Is really cool
3. Is mobile
4. Provides a mess-free catering service
5. Is easy to book
6. Is cheaper than you think


A food truck offers a great variety of menu items.

Hiring a food truck to cater your big event means you can offer a more extensive menu than standard by-the-tray catering. The menu can be larger since meals are made to order, and food will be served fresh. This gives guests the benefit of ordering how they do from a restaurant and satisfies many dietary or taste preferences! 


Graduate at party with family having a great time in front of a Food Truck



A food truck is fun and leaves guests with a lasting memory.

You want to avoid throwing a mundane party, so why have a boring food service? A food truck or cart will liven things up and give your partygoers an experience they'll remember for years to come! Not to mention, food trucks at graduation parties have become all the rage in the past few years…


Bonus points for a truck that offers a little extra feature with service-

like us, who provide music playing during service at no additional charge!



A food truck is mobile and comes to you.

A restaurant on wheels. Food delivery on steroids. However you want to describe it, a food truck means having a kitchen set up at your party, wherever that may be. As long as the ground is stable and the truck can fit, you can have gourmet food served at your event!


Of course, there are some stipulations on where a food truck can physically park. Check with prospective vendors (and venues) to find out about their parking requirements.



A food truck is mess-free.

While food trucks cook in a self-contained vehicle, they keep their mess confined. This really should be the #1 reason to hire one to cater your grad party. Just think about all that time (and the headache) saved by not having to deal with the pots, pans, and food mess!


Difference between booking a food truck to cater your party and cooking the food yourself



A food truck is so easy to book.

Hiring a food truck is a simple way to handle your graduation party's catering. The booking process is a piece of cake, with many trucks only require a few details and deposit to hold a date. Then, you can relax at your party knowing you don’t have to worry about preparing food or having to deal with refilling trays, as they are depleted. 



A food truck is cheaper than you may think.

You may be thinking, 'No way!' Well, this is the cherry on top of the food truck sundae. Hiring a food truck to handle your graduation party catering means you can order just the right amount of meals for your party. Many trucks require your number of servings to be ordered when booking, based on your headcount, while many standard caterers ask which items you'd like. Each trayed item may have a minimum, which usually means that you'll be over-ordering if you would like to offer many entrée and side options. Doing this will also allow guests to 'help themselves,' which leads to a lot of wasted food- there will be quite a few visitors with eyes larger than their stomachs who want to try chicken, beef, AND fish. You may spend hundreds more on this extra food and not realize that you could have had an incredible truck serving fresh meals (with a menu like this!) for less.


Besides savory food trucks, there are also plenty of drink and dessert trucks out there. Whether looking for a sweet addition to your food truck catering or a more budget-friendly option, you can find one without breaking the bank!


Graduate and family smiling in front of dessert truck at grad party


Be aware of ALL the fees that go into a catering service. Though a company has a lower 'price-per-serving,' they may have higher travel, rental, or service fees. Be sure to get full quotes from all prospective catering companies before comparing prices!

For more info on how food trucks charge,

check out How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Food Truck?



Now that you know the benefits of hiring a food truck, it's time to start researching your options! Here is an article about how to rent a food truck, with more on what to look for when booking. And you can always check out our graduation party catering blogs and page to help master your party this summer!



Saucy Joe's Italian Food and Gelato Trucks Parked at Party
Saucy Joe's has been Metro Detroit's premier grad party caterer for over 14 years. Saucy Joe's Italian food truck offers unrivaled Italian-inspired fare, cooked and served fresh, while providing outstanding service in a fun atmosphere. Good Vibrations Gelato "hippie-style van" serves incredible gelato and sorbetto, giving your guests a sweet and memorable experience!



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